Do I Have a Twin Brain?


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by Benaliligha Francis Selemo,Sarra Tekpa-Ere Benaliligha,Emmanuella Zuo-Ere Benaliligha

This resource is about the idea of the Twin Brain that suggests that the human brain behaves like a computer. It captures and stores many information, as good or corrupted files. A corrupted or bad file is like a virus that is a potential or actual risk to disrupting the smooth running of a computer. The human brain also behaves like a real human being with ability to use the stored information to help us fight or run from threats or be happy and creative. If files were or could be installed in the brain, then by taking active steps to create or control brain files, we may live more resilient and fulfilled lives.


The good news is that when thinking, most people use unhelpful thinking styles or corrupted brain files. A Thinking Style becomes a problem if it affects you or others in terms of relationships, jobs, etc. The Twin Brain is teachable and this means you can assist your Twin Brain to work with and not against you. There are proactive steps (some examples are in this resource) that you can take to acquire coping techniques to modify your unhelpful way of thinking or your bad brain files to prevent you from developing bad thinking habits.




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