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Continuous Development For Professionals Option 26


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Family Wellbeing EducationThese courses help attendees acquire competences education to engage families, especially low and middle income market families. The workers and practitioners competences will include good psychological, physical health, financial and legal wellbeing awareness giving and facts gathering. They will help these families to assess their own general (non-specialist) wellbeing needs and make individualized wellbeing plans (non-specialist) for the future. They will help deliver psychosocial support to families and make referrals to specialist wellbeing advisers and experts. There is a need for holistic Family Wellbeing Workers & PractitionersExample, according to Genistar firm, the UK used to have over 300,000 financial advisers/sellers. But the numbers dropped to estimated 93% low, with specialist advisers focusing on high income market/the wealthy.


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